Nganampa Health Council operates a comphrensive child health program. The child health program has a number of components including;

  • Childhood immunisation.
  • Child growth monitoring in children under the age of five.
  • Comprehensive child health checks.
  • Paediatrician visits.
  • Trachoma screening.
  •  Ear health.

Nganampa Health's immunisation coverage rates remain well above the national benchmark and in most years are close to 100%. We employ a part time coordinator to manage our immunisation program.

Child growth checks aim to monitor the child's growth parameters and overall health and well-being. In general every child under 5 receives at least one growth check per annum with each child receiving on average five of six checks per annum.

Children in the 5, 10 and 13 year old age groups are targeted for an annual comprehensive health check although these health checks are offered to children in all age groups. These health checks provide an opportunity to access the overall health of the child, provide an opportunity to provide health promotion and help to identify unknown problems.

There are three visits per annum to the APY Lands by a paediatrician with all major population centres receiving at least one visit per annum.