Aged Care
The aim of the Nganampa Health Council Aged Care Program is to enable aged, frail Anangu to remain on their land for as long as possible rather than being hospitalised or seeking residential placement in a large and distant regional centres (i.e. Alice Springs, Port Augusta or Kalgoorlie). Such a move results in a loss for the older person of family, friends, country and their essential role in the cultural and spiritual life of the community. In addition, the community lose the traditional role and knowledge that is the responsibility of that senior person.

Tjilpiku Pampaku Ngura
Opened in 2000, the aged care facility Tjilpiku Pampaku Ngura provides residential and respite care to older Anangu.   A number of clients have regular respite, enabling them to remain in their communities and providing their usual family carers with a break from the responsibilities of daily care.

Although located at Pukatja community, the residential care services are regional and referrals come from across the APY Lands.

An important focus of the care provided at Tjilpiku Pampaku Ngura is to ensure residents retain their significant links with family and country and that they are able to continue their creative interests and cultural practices. Regular outings and bush trips are arranged to facilitate this.

A Commonwealth Home Support Program is also provided to the local Pukatja community. This involves provision of meals and personal care services for eligible clients.

A significant proportion of the staff are Anangu, many of whom have completed, or are completing, formal qualifications in aged and disability care. TAFE SA provides on site training.

Residents have access to high quality clinical care, through an Aged Care Program registered nurse. This includes access to 24-hour emergency clinical services provided by nursing staff at the Pukatja clinic. In addition, there is always a Nganampa Health Council Medical Officer available for consultation and support in emergency situations. Residents have access to a range of visiting health services, including podiatry, physiotherapy and oral health.

Tjilpiku Pampaku Ngura is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and is a National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care (NATSIFAC) Program designed to improve the quality of, and access to, aged care services for older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We are funded to provide flexible, culturally appropriate care close to home and community.

Tjilpiku Pampaku Ngura provides culturally appropriate care in that it is governed by an all Anangu Board, delivers evidence based best practice clinical and personal care, strives to maximise residents’ independence and self-care, ensures that residents maintain significant contacts with family and community, employs local Anangu as care providers and delivers services in a culturally safe way. This means recognising, respecting and nurturing the unique cultural identity of Anangu care recipients and their families and meeting their needs and rights.

All Anangu 50 years of age or older who reside or who have resided on the APY Lands are eligible for residential or respite care. On occasions, younger people may be admitted for palliative care. Admission is dependent upon assessment by the Health Council Medical Officer, Residential Care Manager and Aged Care Program Manager. Referrals can be made by individuals or families, Health Council staff, or any external agencies. Initial enquiries should be directed to the Tjilpiku Pampaku Ngura Residential Care Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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