Clinical services are provided through the Nganampa Health Council clinics located in the various communities, and play a vital part in achieving the organisations health goals.

Nganampa Health Council has seven clinics, 6 large clinics and a smaller clinic. The clinics are staffed by Aboriginal Health Workers, Nurses and Medical Officers.  Nganampa Health Council clinics are accredited through AGPAL.

Our clinics are well equipped with modern medical equipment, medical supplies and Information Technology resources.  Pukatja clinic has a basic X-Ray facility accredited through QIP and operated by nurses and a doctor who have completed the EPA-SA accredited Remote and Rural X-Ray Operators Course.

The Communicare Patient Information Recall System (PIRS) is used for recording patient medical information. Further information on this can be found from the I T program page.

Nganampa Health Council has for some time recognised the need to the need to provide appropriate orientation and ongoing relevant clinical education to staff working in clinical areas. A structured orientation program has been developed that includes 4wd training and Communicare and an introduction to programme work in STI/HIV, Women’s Health, Child Health, Immunisations and Mental Health. Clinical meetings are held quarterly and provide opportunities for training and feedback. Relevant clinical courses for nurses are also offered throughout the year.

Nurses are able to maintain and frequently exceed the recommended Royal College of Nursing’s Continuing Nursing Education Point requirements throughout the year. Nganampa Health Council is an Authorised Provider of endorsed courses through the RCNA.

Program Coordinators play an active role in maintaining high levels of screening and clinical surveillance. They are a crucial source of information and practical assistance to all clinic staff in the organisation’s primary health care work.

A range of medical specialists make visits to the NHC Clinics including a Paediatrician, a Podiatrist, Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Psychiatrists, ENT Specialists, Audiologists, Respiratory Physicians, a Hepatologist, a Nephrologist, a Cardiologist, and Obstetrician and Gynaecologists.