Healthy Lifestyle
Nganampa Health Council operates a Smoking Cessation and Healthy Lifestyles program through funding from the Commonwealth Department of Health.

As the name suggests, the program encourages Anangu to lead healthy lifestyles including giving up smoking, eating a healthy diet and exercising.

The smoking cessation component uses the motto “Tjikita – Nyuntu Ngayuku Malpa Wiya” which translates as “Cigarettes – You are not my friend.” This motto came about when a Nganampa Health Council staff member asked an elderly and long-time Anangu smoker how they gave up smoking. He told a story about how he used to roll up cigarettes, hold them in front of his face and say “Nyuntu Ngayuku Malpa Wiya” while throwing the cigarette away.

This story inspired a song which features on the UPK5 album produced by Nganampa Health Council. The album can be accessed from, with the “Tjikita” song being song 6.

Signage with this motto has been distributed throughout the APY Lands.

A sign can be downloaded from here if you would like your own sign to display.

Some features of the program include:
  • We are employing Anangu workers to conduct healthy lifestyle activities in the communities, to encourage patients to come to the clinic and to identify Anangu who would like to give up smoking.
  • Two key groups that we are targeting are mothers of young children and teenage girls who will be the future mothers. We are providing more intensive support to mother’s of young children and are conducting education sessions with teenage girls in conjunction with the schools.
  • We have entered into a relationship with Port Power Football Club who are making visits to the APY Lands and conducting healthy lifestyle workshops with school children.
  • We are working closely with the stores on the APY Lands to ensure they are stocked with healthy foods and to discourage to sales of unhealthy foods. This includes regular analysis of store purchases.

We would like to encourage any Anangu who would like to give up smoking to go to the clinic and discuss this with an Aboriginal Health Worker, a nurse or a doctor.

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