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These FAQs have been designed to provide advice for new permanent and casual staff about to commence employment with us.

Where are the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands?
The Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands are located in the far northwest of South Australia. The communities in the area range from 400 to 900 kilometres southwest of Alice Springs.

A map of this area is available from the “Location” section of this web site.

What housing is provided?
All of Nganampa Health Council's houses are well maintained and modern facilities. 

Visitor's quarters are available in some communities. Some of these are older transportable buildings but are adequate for a short term stay.

All accommodation is provided free of charge to staff although for permanent staff a bond of $300 is deducted from their first pay. This is repaid after a satisfactory inspection of the house has been completed at the end of employment.

In general temporary staff will be using the house of the absent permanent staff member whom they are relieving. Accommodation should be left clean and tidy both for the relieving personnel and the returning permanent staff members.

As a minimum, on departure, you should: -
  • Vacuum/Sweep and mop all floors
  • Wash and put away the dishes
  • Clean oven and refrigerator
  • Strip bed and wash all linen. Either remake bed or place fresh linen on top.
  • Clean Bathroom and Toilet
  • Remove your rubbish from house and surrounds.
  • Water plants. (If required)

What furniture is provided?
All “essential” furniture is provided included cooking equipment, bedding, fridges, freezers, tables, chairs, lounges and washing machines. “Luxury” items such as stereos, DVDs and computers are not provided.

For temporary staff as many of the houses are homes to permanent staff an amount of personal equipment is amassed over a period of time. This equipment includes television, radio, video recorder/players and artefacts, none of which are Nganampa Health’s property. However, relieving staff are usually welcome to use some of these items providing they are treated with respect.

Please note that Nganampa Health’s insurance only covers items that we own. Any personal items that you bring will not be covered and it is advisable that you obtain your own insurance.

Is a telephone and internet available?
All Nganampa Health houses are provided with a telephone line and telephone. We pay for the costs of the line rental and any business related calls. The staff member pays for personal calls. A phone bill is sent on a monthly basis or at the end of the contract. This amount is deducted from the employee’s pay. The employee then lodges a claim for any work related calls.

An ADSL internet connection is also provided.

Mobile coverage is available in all communities. The mobile phone coverage is with Telstra. 

What do I need to pay for?
We pay for your electricity, water, gas, housing repairs, telephone line rental and business calls and replacement furniture when needed. You will need to purchase your own cleaning products (although we supply mops, brooms and buckets), personal phone calls, and your postage and for any personal items that you want.

What shops are available?
Community stores are located at Iwantja, Fregon, Mimili, Pukatja, Watinuma, Amata, Kanpi, and Pipalyatjara.

The hours that the stores are open vary but all are open at least Monday to Friday.

The stores stock basic food and other items.

What banking facilities are available?
EFTPOS facilities are available from the community stores and cash can be obtained. There are no bank branches.

How do I get my mail?
All mail should be sent to the Alice Springs office. Their address is:

PO Box 2232
Alice Springs NT 0871

If you know in which clinic you will be working, please identify that clinic on your “forward mail” address. Alice Springs office staff sort the mail and distribute it to the clinics.
The mail arrives in the communities via the regional air service PY Air. Iwantja, Mimili, Fregon, Umuwa, Pukatja and Amata receive mail on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pipalyatjara receive mail on Mondays and Thursdays. Nyapari, Kenmore Park, and Watarru receive mail on Thursdays.

Any mail you need to send is also sent via the Alice Springs office but it is your responsibility to stamp and address it.

Can I bring a pet?
Pets can be brought but they should only be allowed into the house if the permanent staff member whose house you are using has given permission.

What clothes should I bring?
The summers are extremely hot with temperatures frequently above 40 degrees. Summer basically runs from October to April. A wide brimmed hat and sunglasses are recommended, as is sunscreen.

During winter temperatures frequently drop below freezing at night.

When working with people who have different cultural beliefs it is important to show respect for that person’s culture and to adapt your behavior so as not to offend. You should observe an appropriate dress code at all times.

Appropriate dress for a remote Aboriginal community is different to appropriate dress elsewhere in rural or urban Australia.

Below are some examples of suitable dress. By following these guidelines your experience should be more enjoyable and a better cultural exchange can occur.
  • Knee length loose fitting dresses with sleeves.
  • Loose fitting shirts/tops with long or short sleeves. Should not be low cut or see through.
  • Loose fitting trousers or knee length loose skirts – a good option.

If you are lucky enough to be on the APY Lands when the water holes are full, shorts and T-shirts are best worn instead of bathers for swimming.

Short skirts and shorts above the knee are not appropriate dress.

You may choose to bring other clothes for wear in Alice Springs or Yulara Resort.

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